About NZ Stunt Guild

The Stunt Guild of New Zealand (SGNZ) represents and promotes the professional stunt industry of New Zealand and maintains a database of coordinators and stunt performers. By regulating qualifications, safety procedures and setting the highest standards to qualify for membership, the SGNZ is able to supply films and TV productions with the best stunt coordinators and performers available.

Whether you are looking for stunt coordinators or stunt performers, with the SGNZ you will be working with stunt personnel that possess the skills and experience to deliver the very highest quality results for your production.

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Apply to Join NZSG

For all new applicants, please fill out the SGNZ Stunt Grading Application and fill in the probation criteria. Please contact any of the council members or use our contact page if you have any questions regarding your application.

Before filling out and submitting this application, please first contact the guild for information on eligibility criteria. Probationary membership is subject to certain specifications and all applications are reviewed and accepted/declined by the SGNZ grading committee.

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Code of Practice

The principle object of this code of practice is to provide safe working practices  for stunt personnel in the New Zealand entertainment industry.

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Council Members

The SGNZ Council is elected annually by the membership and constituted as follows:

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Treasurer

4. Secretary

5. 3 x Council Members

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SGNZ Stunt Grading Manual

The SGNZ membership is divided into 5 levels of membership, with specialist areas. Each of these levels is based on demonstrated competency, skill, experience and qualifications, as set out and determined in accordance with this Grading Manual.