About Stunt Guild of New Zealand

The Stunt Guild of New Zealand (SGNZ) represents and promotes the professional stunt industry of New Zealand and maintains a database of coordinators and stunt performers. By regulating qualifications, safety procedures and setting the highest standards to qualify for membership, the SGNZ is able to supply films and TV productions with the best stunt coordinators and performers available.

Whether you are looking for stunt coordinators or stunt performers, with the SGNZ you will be working with stunt personnel that possess the skills and experience to deliver the very highest quality results for your production.


Stunt Guild New Zealand Council

Founded in 2001 the Stunt Guild of New Zealand is an Incorporated Society registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. Its members are industry leading stunt personnel including stunt performers, coordinators, riggers and other stunt specialists working in the New Zealand film and television industry.

The SGNZ Council (Council) is elected annually by the membership and constituted as follows:

(i) President

(ii) Vice President

(iii) 3 x Council Members

(iv) Treasurer

(v) Secretary

All Council members must have worked in the industry for a minimum period of 10 years at Stunt Performer level or above, and currently engaged in the industry. Council members must be a New Zealand citizen, and hold a New Zealand passport

The role of the Council is to assist the President and Vice-President with driving vision and strategic direction for the SGNZ. Vision and strategy initiatives will be presented to Council members for discussion, and will be implemented by the President and Vice President. The three Council members may be delegated tasks and responsibilities by the

President and VP as part of the implementation process.

The Council is responsible for, amongst other things:

  • Putting together and reviewing, the Stunt Guild of New Zealand Grading Procedure (Grading Manual);
  • Administrating the grading procedures set out in the Grading Procedure; and
  • Review and consider matters affecting H&S Policy, stunt work, stunt safety and related issues in the film and television industry.


Code of Conduct

Compliance with HSWA and this Health and Safety Plan is central to being a member of SGNZ, and is required for all stunt personnel who are members of SGNZ.

SGNZ members are committed to practice in accordance with HSWA and this Health and Safety Plan, and accept personal accountability for professional conduct. This code commits members to:

Demonstrate good health and safety practice

  • Develop a Health and Safety Policy or abide by the SGNZ Policy;
  • Practice in accordance with HSWA and all applicable governing laws and statutory compliance;
  • Practice in accordance with this Health and Safety Plan;
  • Express concerns if best practice health and safety is not being followed and help to address any risks; and
  • Ensure risk assessments are completed for all stunt work.

Promote health and safety

  • Support others in their development of their health and safety practices;
  • Promote and provide leadership in the adoption of high standards of health and safety; and
  • Actively discourage non-compliance with health and safety laws and statutory requirements.

Practice competently

  • Only complete work for which you are graded and hold the appropriate qualification/certificates for;
  • Be accountable for the work you are undertaking and any resources you are supplying; and
  • Continuously update and develop skills in relation to health and safety.